Who We Are

Doug + Shannon Nienhuis


It all started when planning Doug’s birthday party. We wanted to have a photo element but photo booths were WAY too cramped for Doug’s size and didn’t allow for the freedom of creativity we were dreaming about. We brainstormed about how take our passion for photography and make it a fun and interactive experience for our guests. THEN BAM!!! The rough draft of Gusto Studio Booth was created. It was a huge success at the birthday party, and then again when we used it at our wedding. So now, with some professional refinement and fun personal touches, we bring Gusto Studio Booth to the masses. Trust us, this will become The Event at your party.


We developed our own simple formula to transform event photography:

portrait(STUDIO) + photo(BOOTH) = STUDIO BOOTH

A portrait studio can get some great images but it’s not very portable, and a photo booth can be a lot of fun but they don’t always deliver on quality. We developed the formula above to create a photo experience that not only is a ton of fun but also gives you a superior image. With Gusto Studio Booth you can utilize our open air experience and professional equipment to capture your fun and creative side. Stretch your imagination to take advantage of all the possibilities that can be achieved with classic portraiture, small and large groups, freeze motion and much more! Your creative masterpiece is then recorded into a high resolution image that can be viewed by the party instantly. THEN you can use our iPad station to access all the photos AT THE EVENT so you can send it out to the masses.

Photo Booth

Gusto Studio Booth

Photo Quality

Low resolution, tiny image

High resolution, studio quality photo that you will want to frame and post onto Facebook

What Gets Captured

Heads. Lot and lots of heads

Can go solo or get a group of 15 to fit with a three-quarter body photo

Freeze Motion

Ain’t happening. Only blur here

We can freeze it all! Hair, water, blowing confetti, jumping… try it, we’ll freeze it

Print Sizes

Little squares, is that you?

High quality 4″ x 6″ or 5″ x 7″ photos so you can see all the fun

Candid Shots

“No, wait, I wasn’t ready!”… tough luck

We love candid shots. Not only do you get the awesome image you wanted, but you’ll also get some images that you weren’t expecting


Stairs, has to be boxy area, etc.

We can fit wherever; we mold ourselves to what is available in the environment of the event

Quality Of Props

Flimsy. Throw-away. Cheesy

Unique. Durable. Fascinating AND Fun

Coaches To Help

Operator that stands there

Coaches that can help unlock your creativity as much or as little as you would like


Low variety (if any) and basic

Limitless colors and customizations. Use either a straight vibrant color, or green screen to customize a fun/creative scene for your event

Digital Downloads


Not only do you get the high resolution images, you have access to the digital images AT THE EVENT so you can post them online to make the masses jealous they aren’t there